In an almost stubborn way Supersudaca refuses to believe that the only space left for architects in Latinamerica is to build villas for rich people (though it does not discard that option altogether!). Its main driving motto has been to connect the usually disconnected Latinamerica architectural arena with projects directly related to the public perception such as recreation spaces, public spaces, installations etc in various locations such as Caracas, Lima, Tokyo, Talca, Buenos Aires. Supersudaca continuously uses the workshop format with students from various universities worldwide to launch campaigns for such projects. Besides direct actions Supersudaca has two ongoing (award winning) research projects, one related to experimental social housing in Lima (Y PREVI?) and another about the impacts of tourism in the Caribbean. Both of them should end in a book at the end of this year.

More recently Supersudaca also started to practice directly architectural ideas and won the international competition of ‘vanguard’ social housing in Ceuta, Spain with 170 houses.

Supersudaca has received various kinds of funding and grants, above all from Dutch foundations such as The Prince Claus Funds and the Stimulering Funds for Architecture.

Contact: info@supersudaca.org